Jewish Synagogue

famous Jewish synagogue in cochin

Jewish Synagogue

Location : Mattancherry , Kerala
Made In : 1568 A.D
Famous As : Oldest Synagogue In Asia
Best Time : September To April

The secular patch of green Kerala has pampered religions for many centuries, thereby creating demand for both devotion and devotee amongst its masses. Truly, the ‘Land of Coconut’ doesnot grade devotees on caste, creed and sect and the quench spiritual thirst of all those people, who seek peace and tranquility in their life. Before the mass immigration of the Jews to Israel, which began in the early 1950s, they lived quite comfortably for well over 1,000 years in Kerala. They cherished a rich tradition and made way to share their interests with the multi-cultural land of Kerala. Eventually, they marked their presence not only on the crinkled pages of history books, but as magnificent structures on the bosom of God’s own country. When in Kerala, plan a visit to few of these places – as the Jewish Synagogue in Kochi – and see how they have blended tradition with architecture with loopholes from where the rich culture of India can seep in.

Wonder By Old hands :

The Jewish Synagogue at Mattancherry, built in 1568 AD, is said to be the oldest synagogue present in the common wealth countries. The exquisite construction still houses the scrolls of the original Old Testament and the copper plates, which recorded the grants of privilege, bequeathed by the Kochi rulers.

Unfortunately, the Jewish synagogue was partially destroyed during the wars of 1662 AD, but was later rebuilt by the Dutch. As time darted by the windows of mind, more segments were added. Don’t forget to see the 18th century clock tower, standing within the premises like a solitary sentinal, eager to move but coalesced with the responsibility to see the far. Walk along the corridors and you will be amazed to see the , the exquisite hand painted blue Chinese tiles, that provide an impressive sight. Interestingly, none of the two hundred year old tile resembles one another. The Jewish synagogue cochin also houses many finely wrought gold and silver crowns gifted by the various patrons of the state.

Get There :

Kochi is situated at 218 km north of Trivandrum and 223 km south of Kozhikode. Drive on NH 17 to Edapally if you are coming from Kozhikode and take halts at Feroke or Kkodungallor for light refreshments. The synagogue is open from 10 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5 pm on all days except Saturdays and Jewish holidays, so plan accordingly.

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