Music & Dances Of Kerala

Dances of Kerala

Reflecting the temperaments and moods, Kerala has a rich repertoire of folk dances. The dances signify the folk culture of Kerala and are usually performed in connection with harvests, sowing of seeds festivals etc. It’s not only the women who take part in the various dance forms; the men also accompany them in the dance. Most of the folk dances are performed on the songs that are sung by the dancers themselves or occasionally by a group of musicians. The costumes and ornaments worn by the dancers are extremely attractive; they look vibrant and add on the charm to the dancers as well as the dance performances. The Kerala dance forms are simple yet they are profound and extremely expressing. There are more than fifty well known folk dances in Kerala the most popular being Kathakali , Chavittunatakom, Oppana, Mohiniyattam, Kakkarissi Natakom, Kolkkali, Thullal, Kottiyattom and Bharat Natyam. If you are on a trip to Kerala do not miss to watch the theater performances of Kerala dances.