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One among the e most popular hill stations of the country is Wayanad. It is a small district in the beautiful land of Gods own country that has natural beauty at its best. It is a place that is not disturbed by the various changes taking place in the country in the name of civilization. This makes Wayanad a popular tourist destination. Tourists can get to see a lot of tribes on the hills far away from the clutches of city life. It is known to possess a misty pristine look at all times and has a lot of traditional heritage associated with it. The plantations and dense forests add to the beauty of the place. people can get the opportunity to vast some other tourist destinations like Calicut, ooty, Coorg and Mysore since they are close to Wayanad.

Tourist Places In Wayanad Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary :

Wildlife sanctuaries are frequently visited by travelers to get a touch of the beauty of nature. A place for mental relaxation and peace, such sanctuaries offer tremendous satisfaction on holidays and vacations. Similar to the bandipur and mudumalai wildlife sanctuaries, this one at Wayand is a protected area. It has its origin dated back to 1973 and is clearly divided into two parts by a stretch of cultivated land. It is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which has been solely established to conserve the flora and fauna of the region. The biological heritage is preserved in this region and in line with the meaning of Wayanad which means , a land of swamps, the area is not disturbed.Travelling 15 kms from Calicut, wayanad can be reached easily.

Sulthan Bathery - Edakkal Caves : The Edakkal cave in the Ambukuthy Mountain is not a cave in the real sense. It is just a cleft which is about 96ft. long, 30 ft in depth and 22ft wide. A fissure that occurred due to natural disasters in the corner of a rock has made it look like a cave. This has been stated by the India Antiquary and is also quoted in the district Gazetteer, Kozhikode. This breathtaking location can be reached by traveling three kilometers from Ambalavayal which is 25kms from Kalpetta. In a certain portion of a large cleft, an enormous rock, weighing several tones, has fallen forming a roof over a large part of it which is why people get the appearance of a cave. Interesting carvings that represent humans, animal figures, objects of human use and symbols are seen on the rocks. These carvings depict the style of highly civilized people of pre-historic age. Archeologists and historians of the modern age are inspired to rewrite the history of Wayanad and Kerala as a whole.

Thirunelly Temple : Temples of kerala are appreciated for its rich archaeological heritage and this temple is no exception. It is constructed with so much of effort and this is evident in the exceptional masterpieces seen in the artwork in the temple. It can be visited by traveling 32 km to the north east direction of mananthavady which is a place that surrounds the three popular areas of Kambala, Varadiga and Karimala. The water of the nearby papanasinin river adds a sparkle to the shrine and attracts a lot of travelers.The temple is adorned with pieces of granite on the pavement and has 30 columns of granite which give it a magnificient look.

Mananthavady Kuruvadweep : When touring away at about 45 km northwest of the Sulthan bathery and about 17 kms to the east of mananthavady is a serene picnic spot that is ideal for spending a day. It is a land that is spread to an expanse of 950acres and has the kabaniu river in its surroundings. Travelers can get to see rare species of plants and birds in this locality.

Tourist Attractions In And Around Wayanad Banasura Sagar Dam : This dam has a specialty of being the largest earth dam in India. Various island formations occurs in the upstream when the dam is full. This topography is a wonder to watch and with the background of the Banasura hill, it is a sight for tourists who will never forget during their lifetime.

Chembra Peak : Adventure tourism has a lot of attention from adventure enthusiasts thronging in from all areas of the world. the Chembra peak with the expanse of beautiful hills, valleys and rocks prove to be an apt spot for adventure. It gives a bold look to Wayand as a whole. Situated near the meppady town, trekking to this tall peak is a great task. Mountaineering gives freshness and enjoyment to people who love active sports. It takes almost a day to trek to the top of the peak. The district Tourism Promotional Council has all arrangements provided to the tourists in the form of canvases, huts, trekking equipments and sleeping bags. This facilitates people who want to spend a day or two on the peak.

Lakkidi : It is the first place you see when travelling to wayanad. posing to be the gateway to wayad, lakkidi is a magnificient place with great beauty. It is at 700m above the main sea level. the roads that wind up to the hill station gives a breathtaking view and provides a magical journey to all tourists.

Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary :Taking an elephant ride which is offered as a facility by the forest department in this sanctuary can provide so much excitement to the tourists who visit this place. This beautiful sanctuary is located about 16 km from the Sulthan bathery which is close to the border of Karnataka. The abundance of wild life and the presence of animals like cheetahs, bisons, elephants, spotted deers is an attraction to people who want to get a glimpse of the 345 sq, km sanctuary.

Pakshipathalam : A bird sanctuary that appears t o be a paradise for bird lovers, Pakshipathalam is well known for the presence of rare species of birds.One can reach the spot only by trekking to the watch tower of the sanctuary.

Kuruva Island :Situated about 17 km to the east of Mananathavady, the Kuruva island is a popular picnic spot frequented by a lot of tourists as well as locals. It is about 40 kms to the north west of Sulthan Bathery and is a vast area that spreads to about 950 acres. The evergreen forests and the rich flora and fauna of the place makes it a heritage spot. Special medicinal plants are found in the island which is very far from the city life.

Pookat lake : Situated in between many rolling hills and beautiful dense forests is the Pookat lake which is a must visit destination in Wayanad. Some of the facilities that provide fun and entertainment to the travelers is the children’s park, shopping center and boating facilities. Specially designed handicrafts and rare spices are popular in this place. Tourists can visit a large aquarium with lots of fishes. This fresh water lake is surely an attraction to people.

Soochippara Waterfall : A 100 to 300 feet high waterfalls that attracts a huge crowd is the Soochippara Waterfall which has beauty that still has to be discovered. The beauty of the place is spell binding. It is easily accessible since it is near Meppadi and is well known for activities such as swimming, bathing and river rafting. The pool below the falls is a great spectacle. A clear view of the Western Ghats and the valleys nearby can be seen when one gets on top of the tree huts at Soochippara.The springs in the surrounding add to the beauty of the lake.

Sentinel Rock Water Fall : A place best suited for adventure enthusiasts is a picnic spot as well as a trekking paradise. Rock climbing is the common sport organized in this area since the rocks are more than 200m in height. The Sentinel Rock Water Fall is situated in the Vellarimala village which is near a place called Chooralmala belonging to the Meppadi Panchayat.

How To Reach ThereTravelers can reach Wayanad through the nearest airport which is about 80 kms at Kozhikode. The nearest railway station is also at Kozhikode (Calicut).Wayanad is well connected by road from Kozhikode (Calicut), Kannur, Ooty and Mysore.

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