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A breathtaking and enchanting location present in the south western tip of our country is Thiruvanthapuram which is known to all as Trivandrum. It is the proud capital of the beautiful Kerala state. The long shorelines add excessive glamour to the city with many beaches that are internationally popular. The area present on the North eastern borders of the vast Western Ghats is proved to be an area that is best suited for picnic spots. The city has the state of TamilNadu to its east and has the expanse of the Arabian sea to its west. Trivandrum is a great place to spend a vacation owing to its natural beauty and cultural richness. The traditional art work and backwaters are a blessing to this place. It is must to visit this district to get a clear idea of what historical significance is all about.

Major Attractions Of Trivandrum Vettukad Church : (On the day of the 'Feast of Christ, The King', the vettukad church is sure to bear a magnificent look. People from all over the world belonging to all religions visit this church which is just 7 kms from the city of Trivandrum. It is referred to as 'Madre De Deus.

Sri Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple : when one overlooks the Padma Theertham Tank, all you get to see is one of the most culturally rich heritage of Trivandrum, the Sri Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple. It is a place of interest that is very significant in the history of Trivandrum. Known for its ancient origin. this temple shows Lord Vishnu reclining on Sri Anantha which is a hooded snake. It is believed that the city has derived its name from this very aspect. It has to be kept in mind that only people belonging to the Hindu religion are given permission to enter this temple. Dress regulations are very strict in the premises. The carvings done on the stones and the various pavilions are surely worth to watch.

Sankhumugham Beach : Tourists should not miss the opportunity to visit the Sankhumugaham Beach which has water that is the best for bathing. It is easy to locate the place since it is close to the airport. The very long stretch of clean sand in the beach is sure to take your breath away.

Kovalam Beach :

If the traditional look of Kerala beaches have to be seen, then it is best to visit this beach. The silvery sand of the beach and the surrounding area lined by beautiful looking palm trees is a treat to watch. It is unique in nature and is just 16 km away from Trivandrum. It is well known for conducting numerous water sport activities and competitions.

Veli Tourist Village : The mushrooming of youth hostel accommodations in the Veli tourist village is due to the fact that the place is gaining a lot of attraction from people all over the world. It is a serene location near the airport which provides easy access to the travelers. The very sight of the landscaped surrounding along with its colorful gardens and evergreen look proves that it is a sure getaway for many tourists. Special facilities are provided to enjoy the popular water sports of kerala.

Aruvikkara : The Karamana River is a very familiar name in Trivandrum tourism since there are a lot of places that can be visited in its surrounding. A shrine on the banks of this river appears to be rock cut and has a lot of significance. It can be considered as a place of worship as well as a picnic spot. It has Goddess bhagavathy as the deity and clearly shows the power of women divinity. Hundreds of fishes appear to be floating on the water and this is a great source of entertainment to travelers who feed them to their hearts desire.

Beema Palli : Muslims from all over the world throng the Beema Palli which is regarded to be a popular pilgrimage centre solely devoted to beema Devi. She was a famous Muslim lady who has tremendous faith in God and was also believed to have supernatural powers. It is situated about 5 kms to the south of Trivandrum. The specialty of the place is that people of all religions are allowed access.

Public Park : Trivandrum appears to0 be at its best in the Public park which is considered to be the most clean and prestigious aspect of the city. Some of the most popular institutions are situated in the public park. The most frequently visited Botanical gardens and the Zoo have a place in the park. When touring Trivandrum do not fail to get a glimpse of the Observatory situated on the Observatory hill in the Public Park.

Vizhinjam : A place known for conducting a lot of special projects for the development of the state is Vizhinjam. It is referred to as a great fishing port and is appreciated for the work done by people to generate electricity from waves.

Places To Visit In Trivandrum Kuthiramalika Palace Museum : Trivandrum is well known for the monuments and buildings of ancient origin and the artistic work of ancient rulers. One of the most admired place is the palace of the king of Travancore, Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma. he was a man who was multitalented. There were skills seen in the field of art, music and poetry. As a ruler, he was a honest statesman and a social reformer who worked hard for the welfare of the people of Travancore. The wooden work of art in the palace is definitely unique and depicts the traditional Travancore style of art. Numerous art collections of the royal family are displayed in this museum which has to be visited by every tourist.

The Napier Museum :This ancient museum built in the 19th century has a unique feature which makes it the most frequented museum by a lot of tourists. it has a natural air conditioning system that attracts a lot of people from all over the world. The most attractive structure has a lot of artistic work on it. The richness of the museum is enhanced by the variety of ancient ornaments, historic idols and special artifacts, idols of various metals , archaeologically significant pieces of art and craft, ivory carvings and a popular ancient temple chariot. The usage of plastics in the premises of the museum is highly punishable.

Sree Chitbra Art Gallery :Svetlova, Nicholas Roerich and Raja Ravi Varma are experienced painters whose work of art are considered to be precious. The most popular and unique paintings of such legends are displayed in this art gallery which is located close to the Napier Museum. It also has a lot of collections and special work done by people of the Tanjore, Rajput and Mughal school of art in India.

Excursions Thiruvallam :No one can deny the fact that a place called Thiruvallam is a must visit for tourists. It is a backwater stretch that is no doubt a heavenly abode for lots of people. It is popular for canoe rides and can be visited when traveling to Kovalam
Aruvikkara Dam :Sea life and fishes have a lot of fans all over the world. the Aruvillara dam which is about 16 kms away from Trivandrum is a location where such people can admire fishes to their hearts desire. People can get an opportunity to see a stream near the Durga temple filled with fishes of all varieties. The fishes come to the shore wanting to be fed by the tourists. It is also regarded as a popular spot to go for a weekend getaway.

Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) :Kanniyakumari is known all over the world as a special location with rare and unique features. For people residing in India , it is a place that is a must to be visited. It is located at the very tip of the Indian peninsula. The most fascinating fact is that when one stands on the Kanyakumari beach, they can get the lifetime experience of viewing three seas at the same time. the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The only place in India where a traveler gets to see three seas meeting is Kanyakumari.

Places Of Interest At Kanyakumari ( Cape Comorin ) » Tiruvalluvar statue
» Gandhi memorial
» Guganathaswamy Temple
» Kumari Amman Temple
» Vivekananda Rock Memorial & Padmanabhapuram Swami Temple which is enroute Trivandrum & Kanniyakumari.

Other Excursions » Vizhinjam rock cut cave
» Koyikkal palace nejumangad
» Neyyar dam.

How To Reach ThereTourists consider travelling to Trivandrum rather comfortable since there are train facilities in Trivandrum that easily helps in going to various parts of the country. All important towns and cities are connected by the railway service. The International airport is not more than 6 kms from the city which is an added advantage to foreign tourists.

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