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Location In the beautiful state of Kerala, Kasaragod is situated at the Northern region and it is most popular for its unique style of coir and handloom industries. Fishing is the major resource of living for the local habitats of the place. Kasaragod Travel, the land of Gods, has enormous beauty to impress the travellers, including pouring rivers, enormous forts, elevated hills and startling beaches.

Kasaragod’s main point of attraction is the fort at Bekal, and every tourist to the city should enjoy the beauty of the place. In Kasaragod Travel, tourists can witness the colossal beauty of temple architecture adopted in former years. The Madhur Mahaganapathy temple is an idealistic evidence to know the rich history of temple architecture in Kerala. The Malik Deenar Great Juma Masjid is another manifestation of the state that depicts the rich historical background of the region. Travellers can also enjoy the loveliness of the region in places like Theyyam, Kumbla (famous for buffalo races), Yakshagana, Kolkali, Poorakkali, etc. These are infact the most fascinating spots that should not be missed by any traveller.

Places To Visit In Kasaragod Bekal Fort : Bekal Fort holds the pride of being the largest and the most preserved forts of the state. It is a prominent monument of the region. Built in the early 1650s by Sivappa Naik of the Ikkeri dynasty, this fort is well situated in the most used highway of the state. This prominence in place is also a reason for attracting numerous visitors. Centuries later, the fort was under the control of Hyder Ali and the Britishers.

The Bekal fort has sea bastions, underground excavations and observation towers to impress the travellers and to make them adore the beauty of the state. Also, a traditionally old mosque built by Tipu Sultan is situated very near to this fort. The lonely battlements of the Bekal fort and the beautiful sea shores are the historic traces of the region.

Anandasram : Anandasram, as the name could communicate, is a world popular spiritual centre founded by Swami Ramdas in 1939. Just 15kms from Bekel fort, this centre is the destination for peace lovers. The serene ambience and tranquil atmosphere makes it an idyllic spot for meditation and spiritual practices.

Kappil Beach :Just within 6kms from the fort, this remotely situated Kappil Beach is the ultimate spot for lonely lovers. Just go alone and sit in the shore, you will forget yourself and start to fly high with calm and peaceful mind. Close to this is the Kodi Cliff, which gives a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

Pallikere Beach : Just a km away from fort, this shallow beach is the right angle to view the majestic grandeur of the fort. This beach can consume most of your time, as it has a lot of scope for recreational activities and relaxation.

Valiyaparamba Backwater : The wonderful scenic backwater stretch of the state, the Valiyaparamba gets its source of water flow from four vast flowing rivers and is dotted with numerous attractive islands. With more of tourist interest, the Valiyaparamba is becoming the most sought-after backwater resort to enjoy a mesmerizing cruise ride.

Chandragiri Backwater : South East of Kasaragod town, on the lap of Chandragiri River is this backwater beauty. This town has the pride of having the largest 17th century fort built by the Sivappa Naik of Bedanore.

The Chandragiri fort is a part of the chain of forts built by Sivappa Naik. It is an exciting spot with a breathtaking view of the entire River and Arabian Sea. This fort is most visited in the evenings, as it is a classic view point to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Tourist Attractions In And Around Kasaragod Adoor Temple :Travel in the east of Kasaragod town to up to 45kms and you will stop at the beautiful Adoor temple. A renowned ancient Siva temple, founded by Arjuna, this temple is known as Sri Mahalingeswara Temple. It is situated amidst the scenic beauty on the Southern Bank of the river Payaswini. This temple witnesses tremendous crowd on the prominent festival day of Makara Samkramam.

Ananthapuram : Travel 5kms from Kumbala, and you will be surprised to see the beauty of Ananthapuram temple. It is being celebrated as the Moolasthanam of the Ananthapadmanabha Swami of Thiruvananthapuram, when Anantha Padmanabha of Thiruvananthapuram was settled originally in the hometown.

Madhur Temple : Travel 8kms in the northeast of Kasaragod to see the Madhur Srinad Anantheswara Temple, at Madhur. This temple composes of colossal features, daunting structures, with towers and gables, gorgeous copper plate roofing, beautiful landscape of hills, flourishing paddy fields and greeny gardens, altogether making a pleasant ambience. As an addition to these flourishing moments is the free flowing river of Madhuvahini, dancing in the front of the temple. This Siva temple has lord Srimad Anantheswara as its presiding deity. The Sivalingam of the temple is believed to be founded by a Harijan woman, Madharu. This Madhur temple is found to be busy with worshippers from all over the world during the festival time Moodappaseva.

Bekal Hole Aqua Park : At 1km from Bekalfort is the Bekal Hole Aqua Park, which is a unique spot of its kind in the Northern Kerala. Water sport lovers can enjoy their time here, as it facilitates numerous water activities including pedal boats and water cycles.

Malik Deenar Mosque : Kasaragod become quite much popular among the tourists and travellers with the prominence of having Malik Deenar Mosque in it. It is a classic masjid that depicts the exact Kerala style mosques and it is one of prominent evidences for rich historical background of the state. Believed to be found by Malik Ibin Dinar, is the well maintained mosques of the state.

Manjeshwaram :At the northern most tip of the district Manjeshwaram, is located a small and cute cashew-rich town, Govinda Pai. This place is proudly claimed as a home more about 15 mosques and has a well celebrated history of Kannada literature. Close by Kanjangad in Hosdurg is the Madiyankulam, which is fully dedicated to Bhadrakali.

Nileswaram :Nileswaram is the cultural centre of the district and this was ruled by the Nileswar Rajas. Being the folklore centre of the Department of Archaeology, the town is also renowned for having numerous Kavus (Shrines), rich temple festivals and the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre. These centres facilitate rejuvenation therapy and naturopathy treatments, including herbal baths, mud baths and herbal massages.

How To Reach There The easy route to reach Kasaragod is to reach Mangalore in flight, which is just 50kms away. Mangalore has connection to all prime towns, with excellent network of roads connecting Kasaragod to all other main places of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Readers are requested to submit the proposal for Kasaragod Tour / Click Here For Kerala Tour.

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