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Kannur is a heavenly district with The Western Ghats In The East (Coorg District Of Karnataka State), Kozhikode (Calicut) And Wayanad Districts In The South, Lakshadweep Sea In The West And Kasaragod In The North, Kannur District has been gifted with all the wonderful gifts nature can offer. Kannur has a rich and varied heritage. It contributes to the cultural and religious heritage of the state. In addition to its splendour, a Kannur travel has been well known for its melodious and delightful folk songs that add glamour to Kerala.

Tourist Places In Kannur Kizhunna Ezhara Beach :

It is a serene beach and is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, where one can enjoy a peaceful time. The lush green scenery and crystal clear water are a relaxing view.

Meenkunnu Beach :It is at a distance of 12 km from kannur travel. Gives a heavenly feel, when one looks at the golden beach sand and enjoys surf. This is one place you can find nature at its best.

Parassinikadavu : 16 km from Kannur, The Sri Muthappan Temple situated on the banks of Valapattanam River is indeed a place to experience the spirituality of Kannur. It is a well known pilgrim attraction and attracts loads of devotees from around the country. The Muthappan Theyyam is a renowned ritual performed on a daily basis in the early hours of morning and evening. This place really makes people feel the essence of the phrase “God’s own country.”

St.Angelo fort :The St. Angelos Fort is a historical monument in Kannur which was built in 1505 by Portugese. It is 2kms away from the city railway station. The fort has been a major tourist attraction especially because of The Mappila Bay Harbor and Arakkal Mosque. Both are nearby and easy to reach. The architectural importance of this place can only be understood after visiting this fort.

Aralam wild life sanctuary : Amidst the beautiful slopes of the Western Ghats is situated the only wildlife sanctuary in Kannur spanning an area of 55 sq.km. It is about 40 kms from Kannur Travel. Animals like elephants, bears, deer, monkeys, wildcats and a large variety of birds add to the scenic beauty of this sanctuary. The greenery and picturesque views of this sanctuary make it an irresistible stop.

Payyambalam beach :It is 2km away from Kannur town. The beach is known for its cleanliness and the vast coast line. The beach was renovated recently and now has a wonderful garden which makes it the perfect place to relax. There also stand an intricately carved sculptures sculpted by none other than the famous Kanayi Kunhiraman. The sculptures and the garden just add to the pleasure of the beach visit.

Tourist Attractions In And Around Kannur Pazhassi Dam and Gardens : The Pazhassi Dam is the only reservoir with a garden. The reservoir provides water to the many agricultural fields present. It also has boating facilities to keep the tourists entertained. The garden is worth a visit. A children’s park and various sculptures can be found in this garden.

Dharmadam Island : The island is 5acres and is adorned with palm trees and green bushes which are a delight to see from the beach. The Island has been well maintained. It is a privately owned island and tourists need to take permissions to pay a visit.

Paithalmala : Paithalmala is an ideal trekking spot which is 1372 metres above sea level. It stands on the Kerela-Karnataka border and is about 65 kms north-east of Kannur city. It is worth a visit for trekking lovers

Madayi Mosque :This mosque is very renowned and was built by Malik Iban Dinar in1124 AD. It is at a distance of 22 kms from Kannur town. The mosque is suspected to have been built using special marbles bought from Arabia. It is also an important monument reflecting the culture of ancestors.

Pappinisserry :16 kms from Kannur town, the snake park here has rare and interesting collection of snakes including the Spectacled Cobra, King Cobra, Russel Viper, Krait and Pit Viper.non poisonous snakes such as pythons are also found here. The construction of a laboratory to harness snake venom and study it has been initiated. Many species of snakes are gradually becoming extinct and this park aims towards the preservation of these elegant creatures.

Gundert Bungalow :Located 20 kms from Kannur Travel, at Nettur, Gundert's Bungalow is on the out skirts of Thalaserry. This place has a lot of significance as it is a standing home where the wonderful language Malayalam flourished. It is the Home of Dr. Hermann Gundert (1814-1893) who was a scholar of the German Basel Mission. He was the first person to have compiled the Malayalam English dictionary. Not only was he a priest but also a lexicographer and he lived in the bungalow for about 20 years from 1839 during his stay in Kannur. Mr. Gundert was also publisher of one of the Malayalam's oldest newspapers, the 'Paschimodayam', and he has also authored several books on Malayalam grammar.

Jagannatha Festival :Jagannatha Festival is a colourful festival full of fun and frolic. This festival is celebrated in the Malayam month of Kumbham (February/ March).the Jagannatha Temple is situated at Madathiparambu, near Thalassery in Kannur. Lord Shiva is the deity worshipped in the form of Jagannath . The idol of lord Shiva was placed here, by the well known social reformer Sree Narayana Guru on 13th February, 1908. The festival lasts over a period of a couple of days and the seventh day is considered to be the most auspicious day.

How To Reach There The nearest airport is at Kozhikode (Calicut) 93km. The Kannur railway station is a very important point because it is very well connected to the other cities in the state by a network of trains and also a system of roads which makes it easily accessible.

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