Kerala Cities

cities in Kerala

Kerala dotted with a trail of lively cities, this state stays ever bustling and alive with collection of numerous cities and towns. A traveler can best explore the cities by hitting the crowded roads, going past the vibrant bazaars, halting at a roadside eating joint and savoring the finger licking delicacies and in the evening sharing a cup of tea with a local, this will be the most intriguing way to explore and learn more about the cities of Kerala. The Kerala cities stay ever welcoming to travelers as its natives are extremely heartwarming and hospitable. Though the meandering roads of the cities can appear a lot confusing but they will never mislead you, all you need to do is to catch hold of a local and ask him the way, thus the cities will surely be safe for the first timers. Some of the most popular cities of Kerala are Alappuzha, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram,Wayanad, Palakkad,Thissur, Malappuram,Kumarakom, Kannur and Cochin. Travelling across the Kerala cities will be a lot enticing.