Houseboat Cruise in Kerala

Kerala Houseboat Cruise

The most pleasurable vacation in India could be spent by cruising on a luxury Kerala houseboat alongside the waterways that are covered with palm trees. This Kerala houseboat which is popular among travelers is called the “Kettuvallom.” Skimming past the verdant paddy fields, water lilies, rustic homes, ancient Chinese nets, coir villages, coconut groves and temples, you can perhaps enjoy and derive pleasure from simple things in life.

Vembanad Lake is the largest backwater stretch here and flows through the Alleppey (Alappuzha) and Kottayam Districts. It opens into the sea at the Kochi (Cochin) seaport. The second largest backwater body is the Ashtamudi Lake. Considered as the gateway to the backwaters it offers the longest ride for any visitor.

Houseboats : Kettuvalloms of Kerala or the Kerala Houseboat Cruises are huge country crafts and each of this boat may measure up to eighty feet in a length. Almost being lost, they are at present retrieved.

These rice barges were once poled by one or two men, loaded with coconuts, rice and other commodities. This in-fact ruled the backwaters of Kerala. Nowadays the houseboats known as Kettuvalloms are on a verge of neglect and decay because of their replacement with the more modern modes of transport.

Kettuvallom, traditionally the Kerala Houseboat Cruise is called so, because it is made by tying pieces of wood using rope made of coir. It may sound unbelievable but no nails are used to make the Kettuvallom. The wood planks made from Jack Tree are tied together using rope made from coir. Then these are coated with a black colored resin that is made by heating cashew nut shells.

Houseboat or Kettuvallom construction was done by groups of artisans in the old days. This majestic and unique culture and also the makers are being restored recently because of the innovative idea of holidaying.

Cruising on the emerald waterways, today’s Kerala houseboat cruises are an improvisation, which was once an important part of culture and tradition of the bygone days.

Pleasant Journey To meet the novel holidaying concept the Kettuvalloms or the houseboats are modified to present day traveler needs. It provides modern day amenities like bedrooms with bath attached, a kitchenette, well furnished open lounge and so on. The eco friendly ambience merges with the panorama smoothly. These Kerala Houseboat Cruises are manned by an expert crew that comprises of an oarsman, cook, and a Captain.

Lip smacking traditional Kerala food is provided in the kitchen of the Kerala Houseboat Cruise. All along the path of the cruise the availability of fresh catch adds to the charm of the authentic cooking of Kerala. Also the economy of the village is supported as the fresh materials for cooking purposes are bought locally.

Luxury A/C Houseboat Following facilities are available on the luxury A/C Houseboat:
A wooden ceiling of overlapping logs covers the bedrooms and the front living area. This gives a traditional look and spreads a conventional ambience making it look beautiful.

A cozy feeling is got at night too with the fitting of about two hundred fiber optic lighting points that emulate the stars. According to the preferences of the guests the glow or the intensity of this lighting can be adjusted.

While traveling in the Kerala houseboats an uninterrupted view of the surroundings can be had by the guests from the luxury A/C bedrooms which are fitted with glass windows that stretch across the three fourths of the wall.

The window is fitted and its height is adjusted so that the guests can have a good view of the surroundings lying on the bed of the luxury A/C houseboat.

Amenities like the luggage compartment, wardrobe, dressing mirror, writing table, air conditioning and attached bathrooms are provided in each room of the luxury A/C houseboat.

The fittings in the bathroom of the luxury a/c Kettuvalloms are of high quality and also it has a shower area, we, and wash basin of pretty large size.

The kitchen, at the rear of the boat, is complete with a modern equipment and ambience, even though it is for use for the staff only. A 165 lt. fridge is also part of the equipment level. Even guests can use the kitchen facility for themselves if they so choose.

Shower areas and water heaters are found in every toilet. Proper split units are used for air conditioning the rooms. The Kerala houseboat cruise also provides with lifesavers and safety jackets to the guests.

Chess, scrabble, caroms, playing cards and so on are the onboard game activities that are made available along with equipment like fishing rods, painting and sketching pads for entertainment on board. The houseboat also has a library and high end music system.

Views From The Houseboat

A panoramic view of the Kerala backwaters can be had during the leisure trip on the Kettuvallom. The traditional village culture of Kerala and the wildlife of this place can be explored with ease. According to the facilities offered on the Kerala houseboat cruise the department of tourism has categorized the cruises into two groups the Silver Star and gold star.

Well equipped with all the basic modern amenities, the air conditioned houseboats offers mouth watering multi cuisine delights and the facility to play indoor game like carom and so on. The experience of the trip undertaken in a luxurious houseboat along the Kerala backwaters is for sure unsurpassed.

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