How the Kerala backwater houseboat tour is different from other Kerala tours?

Kerala backwater houseboat tour is an ideal journey which lets you to discover the best lures of Kerala via houseboats. This journey enables you to cherish the dense forests, green hills, lakes, green valleys etc., via houseboats. The specialty of Kerala backwater tour comes through the houseboats which are the best suited ways to enjoy the journey of incredible Kerala. No matter, you can also go for other options like Train, Bus or by Air etc., to approach to the popular visiting spots of Kerala. But using houseboats for commuting the tourist places of Kerala is the best choice for you. We can arrange the best suited houseboats for you to make your Kerala backwater tour successful and enjoyable. We charge less but offer the best tour for Kerala via houseboats.

How do I plan my trip with you?

We manage your Kerala backwater tour in a best possible way. Our rich industry experience and skilled team help you to make your Kerala tour memorable for you.

You can approach to us through our online website as well. Our company's website enables you to explore about our best offered tour services and tour packages as well. You can go for the best suited tour package of Kerala and also book tickets for the same. Tourists can explore and go for the desired Kerala tour package with ease. You can grab the contact details of us through the provided option as CONTACT US on our website. Under this option, you can find our contact details with the information of our head quarters located at the diverse destinations of South India. You can contact us by dialing the provided phone numbers on our website as well. Thus, we make possible for you to approach us through our website with ease.

What happen when I arrive in Kerala?

No matter, how do you manage to approach to the Kerala via Train, Bus or Plan? As you arrive to the Kerala platform, our company's professional representatives will meet you at the platform. You can acknowledge to our representative as he/she will be carrying a placard bearing your name on it. After the meeting with our representative, we manage your transport facility to approach to the desired hotel as per your worth and convenience. Thus, we keep track of your Kerala tour requirements and try to fulfill them in a best possible way.

What about Kerala's Temperature & Climate?

Kerala Temperature Kerala's temperature is normally varies differently at the diverse destinations of the state. The temperature rise at the highland areas of Kerala will be upto 20 degree centigrade. Besides it, the temperature of coastal areas Kerala can be raised up to 28 degree to 32 degree centigrade. Climate of Kerala

Kerala has diverse range of climate conditions whichever classified into four seasons such as Summer, Winter, South West Monsoon and North East Monsoon. Let us explore about Kerala's climate conditions of Kerala as follows:

Summer season comes in the end of February which continues till the end of May. Sometimes rainfall may occur in this season but it is not mandatory.

Winter season starts onset of December and ends continues till the end of February month. Winter season of Kerala counts less rainfall panoramas in the northern areas of the state.

South West Monsoon
South West Monsoon in Kerala starts from the end of May and continues till the September. In this season, there is a heavy rainfall can be acknowledged in the areas of Peerumedu in Idukki and Vaithiri-Kuttiyadi range in Malabar.

North East Monsoon
This North-East Monsoon starts from the October month and stops at the December month. In this season, days may become warm and humid but temperature may not rise higher and remains steady.

What about Kerala's cuisine?

You can go to any of the hotels and restaurants to have a taste of delicious cuisines of Kerala. You will surely delight the delicious sea food available in beach resorts or hotels of Kerala. Some of the best known sea cuisines of Kerala are Meen Vevichathu (Red Fish Curry), Spicy Fish Curry (Masala Meen Curry), Fish Molee or Meen Molee (Fish stew with cocount milk), Lobster Fry (Konchu Varuthathu) and many more. These sea foods can be cooked in several ways by using coconut milk, coriander powder, white peppercorns, red chili powder, garlic paste, fenugreek power etc. These materials are frequently used in cooking of sea foods in Kerala. Some of the items used in sea food of Kerala are prawns, fishes, crabs, lobsters and many more. These cooking materials make the sea food of Kerala so much delicious.

Will I get Sick?

It is quite negligible to get sick in the pleasing environment of Kerala throughout the year. Usually, the temperature remains constant that rise or falls according to the sessions. Moreover, the sea sights of Kerala might get higher temperature of humidity which may become a worry for you. Besides it, the monsoon session will surely suites to your body. Apart from that, your body should have to ability to adjust in hot and cold sessions of Kerala. You also need to be pretty much careful about drinking water in Kerala which might be contaminated or rich with sand. Eating fresh food is also recommended in Kerala. These precautions should be followed in order to keep you fit during the Kerala tour.

What about my personal security?

Kerala is one the safest states in across the India. You can wonder freely in Kerala as the security checks can be available at every spot of Kerala. You can travel without fear in the green valleys, hill stations, sea beaches of Kerala. It is recommended to carry the valid passport, tickets and other travel documents while touring to Kerala. Your documents can be checked by the security authorities available at every short distance in Kerala. You need to take care of bags and costly assets which can be steel by the thieves or culprits at the Kerala Railway station or bud stand. If you know swimming, you can go for the Kerala beaches as well. But if you not, try to avoid the go so near to the vast sea shores of Kerala. Just enjoy the water games, boating, take sun bath etc., at the sea beaches of Kerala. By following these precautionary steps, you can keep safe yourself in Kerala and enjoy a lot out there.

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